The Big Man

I’ve been a Bruce Springsteen fan since I was a young girl. For any of you who might be as well (or who know anything about the E Street Band) the nickname The Big Man might ring a bell.

photo: Martin Olbrich

photo: Martin Olbrich

Clarence Clemons, saxophone player and personality extraordinaire was the original Big Man, aptly named because of his physical stature- approximately 6’5″ and 270#. He brought so much light and life to Springsteen concerts; his smile lit up the stage; his saxophone playing stirred souls. He was Bruce’s brutha from anutha mutha and the E Street is a different band without him. Much of the same could also be said of another man: my husband. Saxophone player; 6’6″ (though almost 100# less than Clemons); light and life-bringing; soul-stirring; amazing smile. I would be a different person without him. My own Big Man is so much like my own dear Dad, RIP. He is patient, dilligent, hard-working, takes on any challenge with confidence. My Mom says about her relationship with my Dad during 53 years of marriage (and some serious DIY’ing in a 100 year-old house): she was the designer; he was the engineer. Now I have an engineer (and musician) of  of my own, and my life is truly blessed.

After sanding floors, I make TBM strip down in the yard, ooh-la-la.

After sanding floors, I make TBM strip down in the yard, ooh-la-la.


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