London Sunday

I was given a special gift today of a day in London. Not planned, always hoped for, and absolutely enjoyed to the fullest. Like the Beach Boys tune “Get around, get around, I get around.” At times it can be exhausting but it’s a facet of my life I wouldn’t trade.


I love strolling London neighborhoods, and one of my favorite sights are the doors, perfectly painted with solid glossy colors. Inspired by the shiny black door at 10 Downing Street, TBM painted our front doors with Farrow and Ball Pitch Black. (There’s a glimpse of them behind my bicycle in my profile thumbnail photo).

Hyde Park is a wonderful place on a Sunday afternoon and while there today I thought of what is said in Portugal, “Vamos a passear,” “Let’s go take a stroll.” It was beautiful, partly sunny, a little breezy, a perfect start to September. Lots of families, dogs, bicyclists, and joggers were out to enjoy. I went first to the Flower Walk, my favorite place in the park with so many inspirational gardening ideas for color, form, and size: Airy Eryngium (sea holly) with large-leaved burgundy coleus; deep orange Echinacea with something spiky and pink I’d never seen before.

Despite signs saying squirrels and pigeons should not be fed along the Walk, many strollers had bags of peanuts in the shell and when they would crouch down, arm extended with a nut, the squirrels would take them directly from their hands.

I strolled deep inside the park where the edges of lawn are mown short but under the canopy of trees grasses grow long and airy, creating a meadow. On a large open field (mown short, I might add) I stopped to watch three young people practicing tight rope walking on a big rubber band tied between trees. I wandered on to watch a true pick up game of football (soccer). So many different languages were being spoken and some of the players were in jeans; a few had peeled off their shirts. I noticed a gray and white sheep dog coming intently along the side line, and suddenly he was on the pitch and in the game. He went right for the ball. The players were stunned, laughing mostly, though a few seemed upset the dog had interrupted play. After a moment, his owner came and called him out of the game and the dog reluctantly followed. The scene definitely would have made the highlight reel.

Here is a bit of my highlight reel for the day:

Imagine our neighborhoods with "rubbish bins" like these, topped with planters of live flowers. Ahh, London.

Imagine our neighborhoods with “rubbish bins” like these, topped with planters of live flowers. Ahh, London.

September Rose in Kensington

September Rose in Kensington


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