September, Warm Remembrances

photo 1-22The past two days held (hopefully) the final heat wave of summer. Thunderstorms last night swept away the thick humidity and heat indices in triple digits Farenheit. This morning as I walked the Large Breed, bruised clouds moved east and wispy ones edged in pink broke apart on the western horizon, revealing a crayon blue sky. Late season blooms seem at their most intense: orange marigolds, raspberry cosmos, and an earthy rainbow of mums. And though the foliage is not yet changing color, you can tell it’s starting to think about it. Summer green seems tired all of a sudden, ready to rest for another year.

Oh, by the way, I’m back in Hudson, grateful for a three-day weekend. It will be filled with more work on the floors (an update coming soon) and fall garden tasks. Here’s are some items on my list of things that need done:

  • Pot up lobelia seedlings to overwinter.
  • Aerate lawn; top with sand and compost. Then reseed.
  • Move clematis (she still needs shady feet but needs more sun on her head.
  • Move all “random” iris together and PLANT MORE!
  • Re-work hosta bed; add in ferns (currently in too sunny a spot) and Ajuga (currently in summer planters).

On another note, this week held two special remembrances: twelve years since the September 11 tragedy; and the following day, four years since my own father passed away.

I was living in New York City when 9/11 happened, and an aunt and cousin were visiting. The horrific memories of that day are still somewhere in my mind, but when I look back now I mostly remember the blue sky; the reaching out of neighbors and strangers to help and comfort; the gathering of friends and family to mourn and survive.

I was at my childhood home in Colorado when my dad died there. The sadness of losing him after a short battle with AML is also still in my mind, but mostly I remember the sweetness of the last few days at his bedside with family and friends, and his ever-present sense of humor. Two nights before he died he told us he was on his way, so we held an impromptu, awkward vigil complete with candlelight and soft music playing in the background. At one point dad had been staring up at the ceiling for a long time and my panicked mother asked him what he saw. I’m sure she thought it was loved ones who had previously passed on and were returning for him. The corners of dad’s mouth turned up just slightly as he answered, “I see airplanes.” We all laughed out loud, including dad.

September… it brings to an end a season, and it’s seen the end of many loves and lives. Yet, it carries a richness that, in the Northern Hemisphere, bridges a carefree summer and the nesting instincts of autumn. I love this month.

What feelings does this month evoke in you?


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