Broken In


To me, one of the joys of a “thing reused” is imagining its existence before it was mine. So much charm and character is found in something that wasn’t recently shipped over from China; something that had an owner, a lover, a life of it’s own before it came into my hands. But… one of the sorrows of a “thing reused” is that it’s not always in mint condition. Here’s a story about one such thing:

I have a sister-in-law who, besides being one of the World’s Most Incredible People is also one of the world’s best gift-givers. It helps that she’s practically a shop-a-holic; I am… the opposite. But there is one manner in which our shopping worlds collide: thrifting and vintage hunting. I’ll call my sister-in-law “Treasures” here, because she adores every aspect of seeking and finding wonderful gently used things and she uses the word as an exclamation all of the time. We live on opposite sides of the country so never have enough opportunities to shop together at resale stores and tag sales. However, I am often the recipient of her thoughtful generosity and today was my lucky day! A box arrived from her in the mail, simply labeled “Treasures!” Inside was this darling assortment:


A navy blue and white gingham check apron; a set of white linen napkins with blue stitching around the edges; and a set of embossed “creamware” jugs that are actually measuring cups in standard sizes. I LOVE every item in this treasure chest and can’t wait to use them.

Unfortunately, despite that “Treasures” double wrapped the jugs in tissue paper and bubble wrap, one of the measuring cups was broken:


And despite that I looked through every bit of wrapping and in every corner of the box, a large chip was missing:


I want to repair the jug as best I can, and here’s where I could use advice: what type of glue works best for glass/ceramic? I’ve tried “super” glues in the past, always with unsatisfactory results. And as for the missing chip, anything I can do about that? In the restoration of our floors, I’m using a two-part wood epoxy that is about the same color as the “creamware” and I’m tempted to use it to fill in the hole. TBM says I’m foolish; it’ll never work. What say you?


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