Remake in the Garden


As autumn arrives in the Northeast, I’m torn between feeling melancholy that the growing year is over, or feeling a huge sense of relief. I begin each gardening season with high hopes and expectations, some of which are realized, others which succumb to a busy schedule, slugs, and weeds. Nonetheless, in my garden right now, zinnias, dahlias, and mums are all in bloom, creating a lovely foreground to reddening maples and burnished vines. The weather is still gorgeous, but soon it will be time to clean and put away the gardening tools, batten down the hatches, and start nesting for the winter. Then I’ll be left with my Pinterest Mistress and garden dreams for the year to come. 

Thumbing through my very generic “Garden” board on Pinterest, I realized I had a trove of ideas on using unexpected items to make lovely garden features.

bird feeder

So I gathered the ideas together on a new board, “Remake in the Garden.” And of course I’ll be on the lookout for more to pin. In keeping with my lifestyle of consuming minimally and remaking and reusing when I can, these lovely ideas will help realize one of my long-term gardening goals: creating  unexpected, beautiful vignettes mixing nature and nurture. Nature, of course, are the plants and flowers I’m surrounded by. Nurture is what I bring to the garden: my touch, my heart.


2 thoughts on “Remake in the Garden

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