Re-Loving Romeo


Three references to Romeo, for your consideration:

One Juliet cried from her balcony, “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? She wasn’t wondering where he was; she was wondering what purpose he could have in her life. If the families into which they were born would not allow Romeo and Juliet to be together, then what would become of their love? Why had they met? Why were they tortured in their passion? We all know how this tragic love story ends.

Two My own love story, by virtue of occurring in the 21st century, is not forbidden and destined for tragedy, though once love such stories were. Ironically, it took a couple named Loving to set wheels in motion allowing people like TBM and myself to love and marry and spend our lives together. I’ll be forever grateful to Richard and Mildred for loving each other, paving the way for me to love TBM.

Three We celebrated TBM’s birthday tonight, with dinner out at a neighborhood restaurant called Speedy Romeo. The place is a hip reuse of an old auto parts store, where cleverly, hub caps have become light fixtures; a few pieces of machinery are still attached to the walls- now for decoration, not function; and the napkins are those reddish-pink grease rags seen hanging from the back pocket of many a mechanic (though at the restaurant they are fresh and clean). Loved it all.


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