Re-Loving Sleep


The past few days have been rough. Too little sleep, just too little sleep. Two reasons:

One) The Large Breed does not want to be inside the apartment at night (Upstate he sleeps outside). He whines and paces all night… it’s like he’s having an anxiety attack. But we can’t give into his desire to be outside, as we don’t have secure outdoor space, just a stoop exposed to all the world. I think it might be okay to at least try leaving him on the stoop at night, but TBM has worries something will happen. “What if someone stabs him?” he asked the other day, as we discussed the matter. I still laugh when I think of it… not the stabbing, but the question, which seems preposterous. Though not to be cruel, I do get a little chuckle wondering why in the world would someone approach our fluffy, friendly guy and stab him. Oh, yeah. Probably because he looks like a fierce killer animal and someone might think they need to defend themselves against him. Right.

Two) My schedule. I’ve had to pull a few all-nighters (and early-morningers and long-dayers) during the past week and it has caught up with me. This afternoon I finally had time and rewarded myself with an open-ended nap. By which I mean I didn’t set an alarm and just let myself sleep till I woke.  Ahhhh, three and a half hours later, I felt and looked much better.

Throughout my life I’ve struggled with getting enough sleep. I’ve always been a “night person” and my most productive time of day seems to start around four o’clock in the afternoon. Add to that, for many years I felt sleep was a waste of time; I had too much to do and if I slept I’d never get it done. Little did I realize the disservice I did myself. If I would have put priority on sleep, I would have been more productive and more successful at what I needed to accomplish. Instead, I would get involved in tasks, projects, work, entertainment and stay up way too late. If I could sleep until I woke naturally, my body clock would go off around nine in the morning. But that rarely/never happens.

There’s lots of information out there about the effects of sleep- but I’ll just share this one link from the Mayo Clinic on getting better sleep. The number one thing keeping me from getting good rest is discipline, so I gotta go to bed!


3 thoughts on “Re-Loving Sleep

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