Restoration Story: Update


A couple of weeks ago I posted about realizing that our floor refinishing project is actually a restoration project. I need to remind myself that restoring takes time and requires sustained patience. We really are making progress, but there is still so much to do that I become overwhelmed. Friday evening I told TBM I would probably have a meltdown before the weekend was over, and today was the day. Restoring my sanity came in the form of cleaning off the front porch, which had become a repository for houseplants and furniture that didn’t fit in here. Now that fall is fully underway, it was also littered with leaves and tree helicopters, and the place was starting to look rather abandoned. The porch looked so much better when I finished, but more importantly, I felt 95% better. I have found I need to have “chaos-less pockets”- places, even tiny little places- that are free from evidence of the floor project and all its accoutrements- in order to feel sane.  A bonus: the porch was a lovely setting for dinner tonight (we’ve been without indoor dining space for over a month) and we were grateful the weather is holding out… only forty-three degrees as we ate roast chicken and cauliflower by candlelight! The neighbors must think we’re nuts, but we’re actually quite used to the cold, as we’ve been keeping doors and windows open to let the floors dry, and we have yet to turn on the heat.

Here’s one quick photo to share, though it might not seem like much to anyone else, it is a beautiful sight to me:

photo (8)

The back entry complete with stain and four coats of Waterlox. Today TBM stained the world’s most ugly kitchen floor, so now the entire downstairs is stained We still need to apply Waterlox to two rooms, and then we can “move back in” downstairs and focus on the upstairs. So yes, we’re making progress, and if I remind myself regularly, I should be able to keep meltdowns at bay!


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