Alternative Living, Part Two: No Impact


A number of years ago I heard a radio interview with a man who was striving to live for an entire year without creating a carbon footprint* on the earth. I was immediately captivated by the idea and the details of his plan, and impressed that he had taken on the challenge with a somewhat less enthusiastic wife, and a toddler in tow. Colin Bevan, aka “No Impact Man” lives in New York City, which both eased and complicated the lifestyle experiment he took on in 2007. Imagine living a whole year in the city, your only means of transportation your own two feet (which also are used to power the family bike); not using the subway or elevators; buying nothing encased in packaging (buying almost nothing new, for that matter); not using air conditioning or watching TV; using nothing made of plastic; and composting ALL your waste (and I do mean all!). There’s even more. Continue reading


Flower Power


So, after a holier-than-thou post yesterday regarding the nasty cut flower industry, a dilemma:

What to do when someone gives your husband a huge bouquet of beautiful cut flowers? No, not a lover; there is no illicit affair being carried forth. But recently TBM was given flowers, after he brilliantly did what he does best in this world. You know, as a congratulatory gesture.

TBM then gave the flowers to me, because flowers don’t interest him (not to say he wasn’t touched by their receipt). And I thought, “UGH! I won’t have such sinful flowers in my home!” No, I didn’t think that, but I did think, “Well, there has already been so much waste bringing these flowers to us, I can’t continue wasting them now.” Continue reading

Cobble, Cobble

photo (6)

Ain’t these beauties? Probably not to anyone but me!

They’re Birkenstocks, purchased for me by TBM on a trip to Brussels five years back. I hadn’t brought comfortable walking shoes; we saw these in a store window; I really wanted them but didn’t want to spend the money. TBM kindly and generously bought them for me, probably so he wouldn’t have to listen to complaints about my uncomfortable shoes on the challenging surface of La Grand-Place. I have loved these sandals to pieces ever since. Literally. Continue reading