Slow down, you move too fast…

Late Saturday afternoon TBM and I were working on the floors in a room that used to be our living room, but will become his studio once the floors are done. It’s a decent size room: 12.5 x 14.5 feet. I was repairing holes and damaged boards, and TBM was using the heat gut to remove the last dregs of paint from the corners and around fireplace. Then he casually picked up the orbital sander and started to work, a final sanding to open the pores of the wood to accept stain. I noted the time: 5:24. After an hour he had sanded four boards, a width of about four feet. Continue reading


Welcome Home

Nothing says Welcome Home like tools, extension cords, sanding dust, ladders, and messes. At least that’s what I’ve decided this summer, because in our home…


…the entryway, and so many other places, are littered with these accoutrements.

We’re in the process of a DIY floor refinishing project. When we bought our 1871 home in Upstate New York, every inch of floor (and stair- and there are both a front and back staircase) was painted dark chocolate brown. A carefully lettered sign: “Please Remove Your Shoes” taped on the front door by the realtor was the clue that all would not be well with the paint. Indeed, within a few weeks of moving in it was peeling everywhere, even though we DID remove our shoes, always having done so at home. Worse, where the paint peeled between floorboards, a hard white, chalky substance was revealed, creating a strange animal print with patches and stripes… definitely not the look we were going for. Continue reading